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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PST

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>> i called this meeting to order. welcome to the san francisco county transportation authority finance committee. i am scott -- the chair of the committee. to my left is commissioner david chiu, to my right as commissioner norman yee. i would like to welcome to the transportation authority. and i want to thank gov tv, charles criminack [sounds like]
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-- for broadcasting today's meeting. are there any announcements? >> no announcement. >> call item two. >> are there any questions or changes for minutes. >> comments from the public. seeing none. commissioner carver has joined us. >> item 3, -- reading from agenda. >> good morning. director for planning and happy
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new year to all. welcome to our newest board member commissioner yee. this item is a recommendation for an award for a consulting contract for cambridge -- we will be working together on the study to explore parking ways, and management strategies for san francisco. rfp was issued in november. the panel comprised from our agency and -- interviews were held in january. we are recommending the award of the contract to cambridge. they're coming to the project with an almost 10 percent dbe sub. we are looking forward to working with them as soon as the award is made final to the committee and the board. >> thank you. other any questions or comments
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re: item number three? seeing then we'll open it to public comment. if there is any member of the public like to comment please come forward. >> i think it is -- when the meeting started late. you informed the people in the audience. very few people come to these meetings. one of the reason is because there is no interaction between the committee and the constituents of san francisco. so this meeting started late, and i know there was an emergency of some sort. it is good etiquette to announce that. having said that, we begin this new year 2013, the san francisco county
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transportation authority looks at given out a lot of grants for this that and the other. and some determination has been made on this bit. what i am asking for is a quarterly or biannual report. with see these grants made and then there is no follow-up. in light of what is going on in the nation, debt ceiling, in light of what is really going on here in the city and county of san francisco we need to involve the constituents, because the taxpayers that pay
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it, you may get the money from the state or the federal, it is the taxpayers who pay the taxes and we need to have some accountability and some transparency. i am not saying that this contractor is going to do his job i hope he does his job quarterly or twice a year or for the duration of this contract we get some reports. so that we can read and see what is happening. thank you very much. >> is there any other member in of the public that would like to make comments? seeing none public comment is close. (gavel) this is an action item. >> mr. chair? >> i know there is question about work between the mta and the transportation authority. can you talk about those issues and how they were resolved? >> both agencies have responsibility especially mta
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which has legislation for originating parking in public policy of the transportation authority addresses transportation strategies particularly because half of the -- in the city is regional. in fact mtc is providing local match for the study. the two agencies have come together to propose jointly managing the study. will come back to this committee the memorandum of agreement between the two entities for how we will jointly conduct the study. we both feel that it is important for us to join forces on this one. it is an important sector of transportation and we need it is important for meeting not only parking base goals of the overall cities economic development goals. >> joint operation makes a lot of sense. >> any other questions or comments? is there a motion to move item
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3 two the full authority with positive recommendation? >> so moved. >> colleagues can we do that without objection? so moved. >> i will give you a review of what is happening at the federal level. then i will introduce matt watts - sacramento, to discuss legislative needs in your packet. at the federal level at the very last hour, the night before the turn of the year, congress passed several pieces of legislation that are going to allow for continuing operations of the federal government.
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the debt ceiling and sequestration for the debt ceiling, congressionally established limit on the amount of the public debt reached in the final days of 2012, and through emergency borrowing measures the treasury was able to continue funding the federal government. these issues should be revisited again probably in the next week. it's been quiet in dc this week. the sequestration act will allow federal obligations possibly is in this mid-february. the sequestration that was supposed to take effect on january 1 prevented cats to all discretionary funding programs. the highway trust fund that primarily funds the highway and transit account is protected, would not have been subjected to the sequestration got. the new starts funding
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programs, new source of funding for the central suburb project, we are keeping a close eye on that because there is a potential cut to the program. we are also keeping an i on the continuing resolution for the federal appropriations level. in october. in october 1, there was a six-month continuing resolution of the federal appropriation bill which expires at the end of march we expect that it will be some type of grouping with a revisiting of the debt, the sequestration in the continuing resolution to allow for fiscal appropriations to continue to the end of the fiscal year. one of the things that was included in the bill passed at the end of the year, the commuter tax benefit extension to the end of 2013, this prosperity for the parking -- $230 per month, expiring in
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the end of 2013. will be watching that. next i will introduce mark watts to talk about the state legislation and what we are recommending. >> thank you very much. i am pleased to be here today and report what is going on in sacramento since i was here in the fall. the legislature convene in the first week in december. came back in the early part of january. probably about 100 bills in each house has been introduced so far. i expect that when the deadline comes there will be over 1000 each. there are several items i want to highlight. there are two bills that are almost identical. aba on page 1 of the matrix and sb11 on page
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2. the sale the past at the end of last session. there is an attempt to resuscitate the legislation. they extend the ab18 program for the alternative fuel rogan purposes and extend the carl moyer program. i have learned from staff that there is carl moyer funding from the local district potentially available. we had indicated in working with staff, there is some uncertainty about the actual language in the bill so i want to check it out. we listed it as a wash. i recommend that you consider moving from a watch to a support position. so you understand the nuance, last year's bills and these two
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bills in addition to extending ab 18 and carl moyer - the oil industry would be the beneficiary of the clean fuel program, and mandate on them to install hydrogen fueling stations in exchange for their support of this effort. it was agreed that that regulatory scheme would defer for 10 years and out of the new 118 funding some of the money would be available for hydrogen installation. it is one of those grand schemes in the capital. we are all interested for various pieces of it. one of the early builds to get the legislature. the next two bills that would like to draw your attention to, the next one is sb1 on page 2. senator steinberg's
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introduction of the sustainable communities investment authority. provides a coast redevelopment act, tax increment financing, voluntary tax increment financing structure. the governor did veto it last year. mr. steiner has reintroduced it. we recommend they watch; we feel the bill will go through iterations before it is heard in its final shape. the next bill would allow him infrastructure financing districts to waive or have the requirement of a vote eliminate it in the bill. that is a key factor in this bill. the governor did veto it, not on a policy basis.


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